WATCH: Toyota's Japanese baseball-themed commercial is amazing

This is a television commercial, and it is good. (USATSI)
This is a television commercial, and it is good. (USATSI)

According to the fruits of high-level Internet research, the Toyota G is a car sold in Japan. In service of Moving Product -- i.e., that particular car that we just mentioned -- Toyota has made a commerical that spans 2:31 and largely entails pressing a magic button in order to play high-stakes baseball on the streets of Tokyo. This commercial, as it turns out, is pappy-slapping incredible. Please enjoy ... 

Well done, advertising creatives of note. So very well done. What was this selling, again? 

Anyway, the title of the objectively sublime color-television spot you're presently watching for a second time translates as "Baseball Party." This has indeed been a baseball party, and this baseball party shall not stop. 

Now proceed to Japan and buy a car.

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