NASCAR: Media Day

NASCAR Cup Series driver Bubba Wallace appeared on the Showtime talk show Desus & Mero on Thursday where he discussed a multitude of topics including NASCAR's Confederate flag ban and the Black Lives Matter movement. One discussion in particular that stood out was Wallace's defense of NASCAR's fans, particularly the notion that all of the sport's fans are racist.

This came up when host Desus Nice mentioned that people often associate the Confederate flag with NASCAR, but Wallace spoke on his experience of going into the infield -- the center area of a track usually filled with RV's, vans and trucks of those tailgating the event -- and feeling very welcomed.

"We always want to pay attention to the negative, but the narrative that's been out there now is saying all NASCAR fans are racist, and whatnot, and that's totally not true," Wallace said. 

"I've gone down ... in the infield at Talladega, wherever it's at, Daytona, Texas, Michigan, and I never knew if people were flying the Confederate flag. We would go there and drink beer, have a good time and hang out. It wasn't like they don't want you there."

Wallace had been particularly vocal about NASCAR banning the Confederate flag, a decision he says came from a place of wanting more racial inclusivity. 

The driver of the No. 43 car's most recent result was a disappointing crash at the NASCAR AllStar Open in Bristol after Michael McDowell forced Wallace's car into a tailspin.