Trackhouse Racing

A little over a month and a half ago, Daniel Suarez was upfront about what he wanted to do when he got his first NASCAR Cup Series win: "I want to smash a piñatas or some tacos. I want to smash something," he said.

When Suarez took the checkered flag at Sonoma, a taco piñata was exactly what the Monterrey, Mexico native got. And when Trackhouse Racing celebrated the victory at their race shop, he got another one from team co-owner and world-renowned recording artist Pitbull.

On Tuesday, Trackhouse shared footage from their team celebration of Suarez's win, which featured Pitbull pitching a taco piñata straight to Suarez. The piñata was filled with money, and Suarez busted it open in style by striking it with a baseball bat in midair.

After becoming the business partner of Trackhouse Racing owner Justin Marks in 2021, Suarez's Sonoma victory marked Pitbull's third victory as a NASCAR car owner. Unfortunately, the demands of Pitbull's musical career have precluded him from being present at the racetrack for any of Trackhouse's wins this season. Something which the team hopes changes soon enough.

"When Armando said, 'I'm going to be at every race', that was an expression of passion, not scheduling, right?", Marks said after Ross Chastain's victory at Talladega. "Look, I mean, it's Pitbull, right? He's touring, recording songs ... I promise you that I will again call him this week and give him a bunch of s--t for missing a race because he needs to be in Victory Lane with us."

In the big picture, the Latino heritage of both Suarez and his car owner was a major part of the celebration of Trackhouse's win at Sonoma. Suarez moved to the United States from Mexico to pursue a career in NASCAR, while Pitbull is from a family of Cuban immigrants.