Draymond Green has never been shy about trash-talking his opponents on the court, as Portland forward Maurice Harkless has found out first-hand during the Warriors' first-round series against the Trail Blazers

Green has been messing with him all series long, particularly when Harkless has the ball outside the arc. This goes back to the end of the regular season, where Harkless went into the final game shooting 35.1 percent from downtown. If he finished the season shooting over 35 percent he was due a $500K bonus, so understandably, he didn't shoot any triples in the Blazers' finale. 

During Game 3 in Portland on Saturday night, Green brought that up on the court, getting in Harkless' head with his very specific trash talk. Via ESPN: 

At one point during Game 2, while he was guarding Harkless along the perimeter, Green baited his opponent to hoist a 3.

"You ain't gonna shoot it. You're still chasing that petty-ass change," Green yelled to Harkless, sources told ESPN.

In 20 minutes of play in Game 3, Harkless went 0-for-4 from the field and had a plus/minus of minus-7, the lowest ratio among Portland's starters. All four of his shot attempts were from under the basket, and of those four misses, Green was the primary defender on three possessions.

With less than five minutes remaining in the second quarter, on a designed out-of-bounds play, Harkless had Green sealed on his back in the paint and received the ball, took a hard dribble to his left, pump-faked and elevated for a layup -- but Green viciously swatted the shot away.

"Get that weak s--- out of here," Green was heard saying, according to a source who was close to the play.

Green dared Harkless to let it fly from deep, to no avail.

"If you hit this, I might think about contesting the next one," he told Harkless, according to sources.


It's not quite as brutal as Michael Jordan allegedly ruining Muggsy Bogues' career, but it's still pretty tough. 

I have to imagine hearing Draymond yelling at you during the middle of a game about a very inside basketball factoid would be pretty jarring. Like, it's just a stream of generic cursing and insults, and then all of a sudden Green just starts dropping some facts on your head? I can definitely understand how that would get you out of your game. 

So, yeah, props to Draymond Green for doing his homework.