Just when you think the Donatas Motiejunas saga is over, another twist arrives. Motiejunas was supposed to be in Houston for his physical after the Rockets elected to match his offer sheet from the Brooklyn Nets. Instead...

So that's not a great sign for relations between the two sides. Motiejunas was a starter last year but has been plagued with injuries that have limited him and negated a trade to Detroit last season. He was a restricted free agent this summer who the Rockets, with the power to match any offer sheet, let sit on the market for months, unable to reach an agreement.

This represents an escalation of the situation as clearly Motiejunas doesn't wish to play for the Rockets after the way they've treated him. It remains to be seen what options he has or where this situation goes from here, but if he does not report and is not secured under the offer sheet, the Nets cannot sign him for one year.

The Motiejunas saga continues.