Loudly expressing his emotions on the court, Draymond Green has become not only one of the better players on the Golden State Warriors, but he is also one of the best trash talkers in the entire NBA. Green has become such a proficient trash talker, mainly because of his mom.

Green's mom, Mary Babers-Green has been talking trash since the Warriors forward was a youngster. Babers-Green is so ruthless with her trash talk that she has even heckled a young Green during a game.

From a GQ interview with Babers-Green:

You must’ve given some tips about trash-talking though?
Well, that’s just growing up in the house.

Do you guys talk trash about everything?

Like what?
Like a baby picture. Me and my three children will send a picture in a group chat. It’s one of the kids’ baby picture. And all of us crack jokes. It’s just what we do! We just trash talk.

Did you trash talk him growing up? 
Oh, I talked trash. If he was garbage on the court, I’m yelling [screams] GET HIM OFF THE COURT! HE SUCKS! [laughs] And that’s why I can be in the gym. People didn’t mind me raggin’ on their children because I ragged on my own. I didn’t just talk about their child out there stinking up the gym. I talked about my son stinking up the gym too. I kept it one hundred.

You may think Babers-Green is being a bit cold-blooded, but she is coming from a good place and her trash talk has seemingly had a positive effect on Green. After all, she has come to his defense on Twitter on numerous occasions and is his biggest fan.

If Green ever wins an award like the Defensive Player of the Year award, let's hope instead of thanking his mom, he jokingly talks trash to her instead. That would just be an amazing way to thank her for everything she's done for him. 

H/T: Complex

Draymond Green talks trash just like his mother taught him to.
Draymond Green talks trash just like his mother taught him to. (USATSI)