LeBron James may have lost the NBA Finals but he refuses to lose the war of trash talk. Draymond Green wore a shirt to the Warriors' victory parade Thursday that said "Quickie" on it with a Q for Quicken Loans Arena. Green's intention was made clear. They knocked the Cavs out of the series quick.

James saw the shirt and decided he wasn't going to let Green get the last word in. He screen shotted the image of Green and posted it with the perfect response. "That's what she said" and of course the internet lost it. Perhaps even better are the people that liked the image.

Yep, that's Russell Westbrook and James Harden liking LeBron's picture with Tristan Thompson commenting. Green's too busy at the parade to see this response, but he'll need a good one to come back from an incredible burn by James.

Green said during a parade interview that there is no ill will between him and LeBron so while this looks like a social media feud it's actually two guys just having some fun with each other. Green got the first laugh but James had the latest one. How will Green respond? We'll have to wait until after the parade to find out.