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The Atlanta Hawks are the rare NBA team with too much talent. They brought back 11 of their 13 most-used players from last season, added a few meaningful veterans and picked two rookies in Sharife Cooper and Jalen Johnson that look like eventual rotation players themselves. This talent crunch hasn't translated to wins this season due to a combination of injuries and team-wide regression following last season's run to the Eastern Conference Finals, but it has presented a few important long-term issues that the franchise is trying to navigate.

Finding minutes for all of their players has been difficult, and will only get harder as they get healthier. Perhaps more importantly, the Hawks won't be able to afford to keep all of their players once the rookie contracts many are still playing under expire. That has the led the Hawks to seek out a consolidation trade. According to The Athletic's Sam Amick, Cam Reddish and Danilo Gallinari are the likeliest trade candidates in a two-for-one sort of deal.

Both would make logical sense as trade options given their circumstances within Atlanta's roster. Both are somewhat redundant on the court, as Reddish is likely behind De'Andre Hunter, Kevin Huerter and Bogdan Bogdanovic in the long-term wing rotation while Gallinari is behind John Collins at power forward. Both also have notable contract situations that the Hawks are considering. Gallinari is guaranteed only $5 million next season so long as he is waived before June 29, and Reddish is eligible for a rookie extension as soon as this offseason. In that sense, neither necessarily needs to be a major part of Atlanta's future.

That doesn't mean they wouldn't appeal to other teams, though. Reddish was the No. 10 overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft and has played well for the Hawks this season by averaging 12.5 points on nearly 39 percent shooting from long range. His athleticism on the wing is rare, and rebuilding teams would likely be more eager than the Hawks to give him a contract extension. Gallinari, nearing the end of his career, might at least appeal to a contender in a smaller role as an offensive-minded forward.

It is unclear who exactly the Hawks would be targeting in such a deal. Many of the top forwards that could be available such as Harrison Barnes or Jerami Grant would theoretically present similar roster issues to Reddish. But the Hawks have been an opportunistic organization ever since Travis Schlenk took over, aggressively landing key contributors like Bogdanovic and Clint Capela when they sensed that the market wasn't valuing them properly. If there's a worthwhile deal to be made, the Hawks will surely find it.