It seems as though the Cleveland Cavaliers have been hitting a new low every other day, but Tuesday was certainly a new low.

For one, there was a report in the afternoon that LeBron James cursed out executives in their infamous team meeting last month. Then, coach Tyronn Lue left the bench against the Magic due to an illness. And finally, the Cavs' blew a 21-point lead to lose 116-98 to the lowly Orlando Magic.

The Cavs put in just nine points in the fourth quarter and were outscored 65-31 in the second half as they simply fell apart. After the game Isaiah Thomas offered some insight into why they weren't able to stop the Magic's dominant run.

"When adversity hits, we go our separate ways," Thomas told reporters.

Where is the cartoon of the dog saying "this is fine" while the room burns down around him when you need it?

The current state of the Cavs. 

Ah, there we go.

Anyway, Thomas has certainly had a lot to say lately about why the Cavs haven't been playing well. Which, fine, speak your mind. But it might not be the best strategy to constantly criticize your teammates publicly when you've only been back on the court for a few weeks and haven't played well.