J.R. Smith has done a lot of things throughout his NBA career. He has won an NBA championship, scored 12,057 points and gone on random, unexplained hot streaks at times when the Cavaliers have needed it the most. However, in Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals, Smith may have stamped his legacy with the most frustratingly silly mistake that basketball has seen since Michael Ruffin literally threw away an overtime win over a decade ago.

Now, a lucky fan owns a piece of that history. Smith's jersey from the fateful game sold on the NBA's auctions page on Thursday night for $23,548 after picking up steam on the final day. The bidding doubled after it hit $11,000, resulting in the exorbitantly high price tag.

If you need a reminder of exactly why J.R. Smith's Game 1 jersey is significant, well...

The Warriors would go on to win Game 1 in overtime and sweep the Cavaliers, and this moment would be cemented in history -- through memes. Smith has a long history of bizarre antics, from playing on while Carmelo Anthony was still lying on the floor to this gif, but none of those came in moments as monumental as this one.