Some strong questions being asked here about the future of the Lakers by Jim Rome to Bruce Feldman and Michael Lee

1. Was the final play drawn up for the Lakers, a wide open three-pointer by Steve Blake, a good play? Or should the ball have gone to Kobe Bryant and only Kobe Bryant?

2. Speaking of Kobe, what's the deal? The question is whether he's really worthy of his mantle as ultimate closer or if the one turnover, one lost ball out of bounds off a bad pass, one airball, one bad miss, two-tantrum performance at the end of Game 2 is the new reality. Five years since Bryant last hit a game-winner in the playoffs? Yikes.

3. Are the Lakers done? After two games, lot of basketball to be played, but the Thunder have beat the Lakers in a game where they hit everything and blew them out and a game in which OKC struggled and still won. Is this thing done?

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