There was plenty of excitement before and during the matchup between Lonzo Ball's Lakers and LeBron James' Cavaliers on Thursday night. And thanks to LeBron, the excitement didn't stop when the final buzzer sounded.

After leading the Cavs to a 121-112 victory -- and tying Larry Bird for sixth place on the all-time triple-double list in the process -- LeBron stopped to talked to Lonzo and share a few words of advice. No one knows exactly what he said, however, because LeBron made sure to cover his mouth with his jersey so no one could read his lips.

When he was asked about what he told the Lakers rookie, LeBron told reporters it's "none of y'all business."

While LeBron may have been trying to prevent anymore unnecessary coverage or questions for Lonzo by keeping it a secret, he accidentally stirred up way more interest in the moment than if he had just relayed the message. 

Of course, this being the internet, plenty of jokesters on everyone's favorite social media site, Twitter, offered their very serious ideas of what The King told LaVar's eldest son.

It was probably nothing more than a few veteran words of encouragement, but until we know for sure, there figure to be plenty of theories floated around the internet in the next few days.