Gordon Hayward has a potentially career changing decision to make this offseason. Hayward is an unrestricted free agent that can go wherever he wants. Coming off a playoff appearance with the Utah Jazz it seems like there's no reason to leave the only franchise he's ever known.

But that's not stopping him from taking calls. The Celtics and Heat have shown interest in Hayward this offseason, but it looks like he's giving Miami first dibs on a meeting. According to Tony Jones of The Salt Lake Tribune, Miami will meet with Hayward on Saturday. The Jazz will have their meeting with him Monday, and the Celtics will get the third meeting. So far there are no other scheduled meetings.

The order in which Hayward has his meetings set up isn't as important as the meetings themselves, but it's certainly strange that the Jazz don't get first or last meeting with Hayward. Typically the hometown team gets to make the first or final impression, so maybe that's a sign of where Hayward's priorities are. That or he just really wanted to be in Miami on a Saturday night.

Miami getting first shot at Hayward in a meeting is pretty great news for them after they somewhat came out of nowhere. Boston has been closely connected to Hayward for most of the year. Miami came in late, but the Heat have clearly made enough of an impression to get the first meeting.