The Oklahoma City Thunder will not be starting training camp at full strength. 

During their media day on Friday ahead of camp, GM Sam Presti announced that reigning MVP Russell Westbrook will miss the first few days of camp after getting a PRP injection in his right knee. 

Presti followed up by saying that the situation is "nothing serious."

Teams are always going to give a positive spin on injuries, but PRP injections are pretty common at this point, and are not as invasive as surgery. Given Westbrook's demeanor and his previously shown ability to shrug off pain (seriously, the guy once got his face dented and it didn't faze him), he should be all set to go in a few days as Presti expects. 

Still, you don't just get PRP injections for fun, which means something must have been bothering Westbrook with his knee. There's no reason to suspect there's any serious problem at this point, but this might be something worth keeping an eye on throughout the season, especially with as hard as Westbrook plays.