LeBron James has made headlines this week for celebrating his son Bronny's viral slam dunk at an AAU tournament in Las Vegas. The Los Angeles Lakers star not only participated in the North Coast Blue Chips' pre-game layup sessions but he essentially stormed the court during Bronny's game.

James' actions have sparked widespread debate, with some, like the Boston Celtics' Jayson Tatum, highlighting James being "genuinely happy" for his son, and others suggesting LeBron drew attention away from his own kid's basketball game.

What did former NBA veteran Raja Bell think of the ordeal?

He saw both good and bad from LeBron, and he didn't sugarcoat that perspective on Wednesday's "Kanell & Bell."

"Him in the layup lines dunking was probably a treat for everybody in the gym, people who might not otherwise pay to go see LeBron play and can't see him in person. You know, I support that," Bell said.

As for the antics involving James' appearances on the actual court?

"Making such a sideshow of this basketball game is wrong on a lot of levels," Bell said. "No. 1, the kids they're playing against, you're on the court doing that -- how do you think those kids feel? No. 2 ... LeBron is treating it like NBA stars in some Rucker Park summer league where the game shuts down every time something cool happens, and I don't think that's right."

Bell's co-host, Danny Kanell, agreed, saying he thinks LeBron is a "an awesome dad" but that what he did was simply "an awful look."

"Is that hard to wait until the game is over to high-five guys?" he asked.

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