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Phoenix Suns forward Torrey Craig is "hockey tough." After taking a shot to the mouth from Milwaukee Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo, Craig had to pick up his own tooth off the court.

In the third quarter of Tuesday night's game, Craig was running back on defense when Antetokounmpo's arm came up and caught him in the mouth. Craig immediately went down in pain as play continued until the Suns regained possession.

Once play was stopped, Craig got back to his feet and checked to make sure he had all his teeth. Much to the delight of Phoenix-area dentists, one of them was laying on the hardwood, and Craig picked it up before going to the bench for medical attention. 

Here's a video of what went down, and it should be noted it is graphic. 

After getting examined, Craig eventually returned to the game, which the Bucks won 116-104. Craig finished his night with six points, three rebounds, two assists, a block and one less tooth.

After taking a shot from the freakishly large Antetokounmpo, losing a tooth, and coming back into the game, Craig already has what it takes to survive the NHL. Perhaps Craig should give the Arizona Coyotes a call because they can use all the help they can get.