2018 Super Bowl odds for Week 10: Eagles continue to climb toward top spot

The NFL season rolls on, and the punches keep coming.

The Patriots were not punished for their bye week and remain at the top of the pile for futures odds, but the Eagles did claw a bit closer in a less competitive conference. At 4/1, the Eagles are the clear favorites in the NFC, with the Vikings and Saints on their heels at 10/1.

The Steelers have really found their footing and promise to make things interesting for the Patriots in going for the AFC's No. 1 seed, while the Chiefs took a hit with their loss to the Cowboys. The Seahawks also took a small blow, but the Seahawks are good for a weird loss a year so people aren't panicking over Seattle just yet.

In the middle it's messy as ever, with several AFC teams being embroiled in a battle for the playoffs.

Here are the odds for every team to win the Super Bowl according to the latest Vegas odds, as well as SportsLine's calculations for the probability each team wins the Super Bowl, their conference and their division, and their chances of making the playoffs.

New England Patriots7/221.15%34.61%90.8%98.9%
Pittsburgh Steelers4/112.18%23.66%98.0%99.0%
Philadelphia Eagles4/117.03%32.40%88.1%99.0%
Kansas City Chiefs10/112.54%23.64%95.8%97.8%
Minnesota Vikings10/16.01%13.54%73.2%82.3%
New Orleans Saints10/14.17%10.48%66.4%82.2%
Seattle Seahawks12/13.68%8.18%36.7%64.6%
Los Angeles Rams16/19.02%19.16%62.4%85.8%
Dallas Cowboys16/13.23%7.11%11.7%52.1%
Carolina Panthers25/11.77%4.95%28.4%57.6%
Tennessee Titans30/11.28%3.28%36.4%69.8%
Atlanta Falcons30/10.49%1.38%5.2%20.8%
Oakland Raiders30/10.18%0.43%2.4%9.2%
Jacksonville Jaguars35/14.42%9.75%63.3%93.4%
Detroit Lions60/10.81%2.22%25.5%38.1%
Buffalo Bills100/11.22%3.05%8.8%60.1%
Los Angeles Chargers100/10.06%0.19%1.4%1.0%
Houston Texans100/10.01%0.02%0.2%1.2%
Washington Redskins100/10.10%0.30%0.2%10.6%
Green Bay Packers100/10.05%0.14%1.2%3.5%
Baltimore Ravens200/10.29%0.69%1.6%32.9%
Arizona Cardinals200/10.05%0.13%0.9%2.7%
Denver Broncos200/10.02%0.08%0.3%4.8%
Chicago Bears200/10.00%0.01%0.2%0.2%
New York Jets300/10.11%0.25%0.2%8.8%
Miami Dolphins300/10.02%0.07%0.2%4.0%
Cincinnati Bengals300/10.10%0.24%0.3%9.9%
Indianapolis Colts1,000/10.00%0.00%0.1%0.1%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers1,000/10.00%0.02%0.1%0.3%
New York Giants9,999/10.00%0.00%0.1%0.1%
Cleveland Browns9,999/10.00%0.00%0.1%0.1%
San Francisco 49ersOFF0.00%0.00%0.1%0.1%

The San Francisco 49ers are officially being given zero chance by bettors, which is a good bet (or lack thereof), as they could be mathematically eliminated this week. The Browns and Giants join the 49ers at the bottom, while people have thoroughly softened on the once-popular Buccaneers. The Saints, after routing the Bucs, have jumped the Seahawks alongside the Vikings, who enjoyed a much-needed bye week. The Vikings are staying with Case Keenum for now, but Teddy Bridgewater is back on the roster, so they have a viable backup plan in place should Keenum start to struggle.

Some never-say-die bettors are keeping the Texans with decent odds in spite of Deshaun Watson being out for the year and the Texans losing to the woeful Colts. The Titans continued their climb with a hard-fought win over the Ravens coming out of the bye, and the Raiders are at Texans-level betting-vs-odds discrepancies. The Lions were big winners this week, getting themselves a primetime boost with a dominant win at Lambeau over the Packers, while questions continue to crop up around the struggling Falcons.

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