The New York Giants are still figuring out just how much they value Odell Beckham Jr., but there's no doubt about his value in one specific category.

Instagram followers.

If there were a ranking of all NFL players in terms of Instagram popularity, in fact, the one-of-a-kind wide receiver would top it by a landslide. That's according to a study by, which began compiling players' follower totals in May and determined that Beckham has more than twice the amount of followers than the NFL player with the second-most.

At the start of the study, Beckham (@obj) had a league-leading 10.5 million Instagram followers. Behind him were Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton (4 million), New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (4 million), Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3.3 million) and Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt (3.1 million).

As of this week, four of those top five remain about the same, with Brady adding 300,000 followers since May. Beckham, on the other hand, has since jumped all the way to 11.2 million followers -- almost three times as many as Brady.

Beckham's massive lead, per the study, also makes the Giants the top-followed NFL team on Instagram in terms of combined average followers among players, ahead of the Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, Texans and Seahawks. It also gives the NFC East a major boost in the ranking of average top-five IG player followings among divisions -- the East leads the pack with 1.1 million, way ahead of the NFC West (678,000), AFC East (657,000) and last-place NFC North (280,000).

The NFL's most popular players don't come close to some of Instagram's biggest celebrities -- Selena Gomez has 140 million followers, Cristiano Ronaldo has 138.8 million and Ariana Grande has 124.7 million. But they are represented by the millions.

Here's every team's top player on IG, listed in order of their follower count from this summer, according to the study:

  1. Giants: Odell Beckham Jr. (10.5 million)
  2. Patriots: Tom Brady (4 million)
  3. Panthers: Cam Newton (4 million)
  4. Seahawks: Russell Wilson (3.3 million)
  5. Texans: J.J. Watt (3.1 million)
  6. Cowboys: Ezekiel Elliott (2.5 million)
  7. Steelers: Antonio Brown (2.4 million)
  8. 49ers: Richard Sherman (2.1 million)
  9. Raiders: Marshawn Lynch (1.7 million)
  10. Browns: Jarvis Landry (1.3 million)
  11. Broncos: Von Miller (1.3 million)
  12. Buccaneers: DeSean Jackson (1.1 million)
  13. Falcons: Julio Jones (1 million)
  14. Eagles: Carson Wentz (938,000)
  15. Rams: Todd Gurley (920,000)
  16. Redskins: Vernon Davis (891,000)
  17. Packers: Aaron Rodgers (830,000)
  18. Jaguars: Leonard Fournette (746,000)
  19. Cardinals: Patrick Peterson (739,000)
  20. Ravens: Lamar Jackson (695,000)
  21. Titans: Derrick Henry (695,000)
  22. Saints: Drew Brees (680,000)
  23. Lions: LeGarrette Blount (664,000)
  24. Dolphins: Danny Amendola (617,000)
  25. Chiefs: De'Anthony Thomas (526,000)
  26. Bills: LeSean McCoy (458,000)
  27. Bengals: A.J. Green (440,000)
  28. Jets: Jermaine Kearse (416,000)
  29. Vikings: Stefon Diggs (414,000)
  30. Chargers: Joey Bosa (320,000)
  31. Bears: Mitch Trubisky (152,000)
  32. Colts: Jacoby Brissett (134,000)