Lias Andersson's 2019-2020 NHL campaign got off to a rough start before it even officially started. 

On Thursday night at Madison Square Garden, the 20-year-old forward suited up for the New York Rangers in their home opener and took to the ice with a fresh slate and limitless possibilities in front of him. Unfortunately, also in front of him during pregame introductions was a very inconveniently placed TV cable, which Andersson apparently did not see. 

As a result, the youngster didn't make a particularly great first impression in front of the home crowd.

That poor guy. After a long offseason, there's nothing that gets the blood flowing like some fancy intros during the first official home game of the year. You're geared up and prepared to run through a wall, only to have that moment spoiled by some doofus who decided it would be a brilliant idea to leave a cable lying across the runway. The intense excitement promptly turns into stunned embarrassment. 

For what it's worth, every other player in the Rangers' opening night lineup successfully managed to avoid the wire, though it was a little easier for the players who came after Andersson. 

Luckily for Lias, everyone knows it's not about how you start -- it's about how you finish. Plenty of hockey left.