Game 3 between the Philadelphia Flyers and Washington Capitals will be remembered more for what flew to the ice than what happened on it. That was the night where about 100 or so fans littered the ice with the plastic light-up bracelets the team handed out to fans for their pre-game light show.

It will also be remembered for the Flyers’ longtime public address announcer Lou Nolan using his microphone and voice of authority to try to convince fans to stop and scolding them when they didn't.

“Show some class,” he said at one point. “This is Philly.”

When the throwing persisted and the Flyers got whistled for a delay of game penalty as a result, Nolan announced the penalty and then dropped a sarcastic “Way to go” on the fans. This made Nolan the hero of the night and now the Flyers are taking that moment and running with it.

They’re also taking a chance to poke a little fun at themselves and their loyal fans with their Game 6 t-shirts that will be on the seats before the games for fans to provide a sea of orange for the home team.

The team unveiled the shirts Saturday. On them is a picture of Nolan, the Flyers logo and the words “Stay Classy, Philly!” It’s perfect.

Nolan has been with the team since 1972. He’s seen the best and worst of the Flyers (and their fans), while serving as the familiar voice that anyone that goes to a live game will associate with the experience.

The shirt a cool way to pay tribute to Nolan, partake in a little self-deprecating humor and turn a negative into a positive. They're also the kind of shirts that everyone in attendance will probably hang on to and wear often around town.

The Flyers will be looking to force a Game 7 when they take the ice at Wells Fargo Center at noon ET Sunday.

The Flyers are honoring their awesome PA announcer on Game 6 shirts. (Flyers)
The Flyers are honoring their awesome PA announcer on Game 6 shirts. (Flyers)