When you ask your barber for The Kreider, this is what you get. (@NYRangers)
When you ask your barber for The Kreider, this is what you get. (@NYRangers)

Imagine walking into your local barber shop, or salon, or wherever it is you get your hair clipped, and asking the barber, stylist, or whomever for a very special haircut. Perhaps you’ve done this before already, before a special occasion or a big job interview or something.

You know exactly what it is you want. The barber or stylist or whomever of course will ask you, “What’ll it be?” You look that person square in the eye and you say, “I’d like my head mostly shaved, but in the back could you carve out and color an exact likeness of New York Rangers forward Chris Kreider in mid-primal scream?”

"No problem," would be the reply if you happened to be in the presence of Joe Barajas, a.k.a. "Joe the Barber." Anyone else probably throws you out. Take a look at Joe the Barber's handy work:

The Stanley Cup Playoffs make people do strange things. This is a little too good, actually. Barajas even managed to get the Bauer logo to match the brand of helmet Kreider wears.

You’ve really got to love the New York Rangers to do this, but Barajas has a close connection with the team as he was featured in one of the club’s popular Rangerstown commercials.

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