When Adidas took over as the NHL's jersey outfitter prior to last season, the brand announced that there would be no third (or alternate) jerseys in their first year of the new partnership. With that first season now behind us, the Adidas thirds are starting to roll in.

A couple of teams unveiled their new alternates at the 2018 NHL Draft on Friday in Dallas. Here's a look at some of the new unis that we'll see across the league next season.

Carolina Hurricanes

The Canes were the first team to unveil a new jersey on Friday, and they're bringing back black thirds next season. These ones are a little different than their previous renditions, most notably with the logo. The team has a new secondary logo that will be featured on the chest of the jersey, and it brings double the flags! 

My thoughts: Although quite dark, the uniform itself is pretty solid. I like the striping and the mix of black, red and gray. There's potential here, but that logo....man, it stinks. It looks like a crappy logo you'd find in the Create-A-Team feature of an NHL video game, and it brings the rest of the jersey down.

Arizona Coyotes

As expected, the Coyotes decided to bring back their throwback Kachina jerseys as thirds for this season. The uniform was the team's original look when they relocated to the desert in 1996 and they wore them up until 2003. They haven't been worn regularly since then, but the Yotes plan on wearing them for all 13 Saturday home games this season. 

My thoughts: Probably in the "so bad they're actually good" category and definitely a nostalgia play, but still...hell yes.