NHL: Ottawa Senators at Carolina Hurricanes

Ottawa Senators defenseman Mark Borowiecki is still capable of making big stops even when he's not lacing up the skates on game day -- just ask the would-be thief that Borowiecki thwarted in Vancouver this week.

According to Vancouver police, Borowiecki witnessed an attempted robbery in progress as a bag was taken from a car on Sunday afternoon. Borowiecki managed to spoil the would-be thief's day by "clotheslining" them off a bicycle and then wrestling the stolen bag out of their hands. 

The unidentified suspect managed to get back on the bicycle and flee the scene without anything to show for the crime. That suspect hasn't been found but police are investigating the incident.

The Vancouver Police Department released a brief statement thanking Borowiecki for his service. 

"We are grateful for Mark's assistance and do recommend that if anybody does witness a crime to immediately notify the Vancouver Police and to stay safe," police said.

This obviously makes for a rather cool story that Borowiecki can tell while sharing tales about his road trip adventures down the line, but it seems quite unfair to the rest of us that no video exists of this incident. The Senators are in the middle of a very tough and trying campaign and a video of Borowiecki decking a thief off of a bicycle might have ended up as one of the season's best highlights.