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The Tampa Bay Lightning got a chance to celebrate their second Stanley Cup over the last calendar year on Tuesday. But during the celebration on the Hillsborough River, the Stanley Cup appeared to suffer a little bit of damage from the team's boat parade.

Bolt Jolts, which is a Lightning fan Twitter account, posted a photo of forward Pat Maroon holding the Stanley Cup. The top bowl of the Stanley Cup appeared to be dented.

Following the mishap, the Hockey Hall of Fame's "Keepers of the Cup" were seen carrying the Stanley Cup around with a blanket covering the damaged bowl and loading it into a car. According to ESPN's Greg Wyshynski, the Stanley Cup will be sent back to Canada to be repaired.

It's unclear how the bowl of the Stanley Cup actually got damaged, but it clearly happened during Monday's festivities.

It's worth noting that the Stanley Cup has suffered some damage in the past.

After the Detroit Red Wings won it all in 2008, the Stanley Cup got pushed off of a table at Chris Chelios' bar in Detroit. The dent was hammered out by hand and fixed. The Lightning may have been a tad rowdier during this year's celebration due to the fact that fans attended the parade. With COVID-19 protocols more relaxed, players interacted with fans a lot more than they were able too during the last parade.