The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are a little over four months away, and Olympic officials are already making some adjustments to keep fans and athletes safe over coronavirus concerns. On Monday, Greece's Olympic Committee announced that the torch light ceremony being held at the site of ancient Olympia on Thursday will take place without fans or spectators present. 

Only "100 accredited gusts from the International Olympic Committee and the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee" will be allowed at the event, the statement read, adding that the number of media members given credentials will be "extremely limited."

It is not only the event itself that will close the doors to the public, as Wednesday's dress rehearsal will also take place without anyone in the seats. After the ceremony, the torch will go on a week-long journey that will lead up to a handover ceremony on March 19 in Greece. Following the handover ceremony, the torch will fly to Japan. 

The coronavirus outbreak is causing many nations and leagues to alter their sporting event plans. The Olympics have been one major event that has been impacted greatly, with many athletes not able to attend qualifying meets and concerns over whether the games will go on as scheduled. 

Closing doors to fans is not a new concept. Many leagues and tournaments around the globe are using the tactic to prevent the complete shutdown of events while also keeping the public safe.