In a press briefing on Tuesday, International Olympic Committee spokesman Mark Adams made it clear that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will go ahead as scheduled. The announcement was made amidst fears that the threat of coronavirus would drastically affect the way the games.

"For us, the games are going ahead on the 24th of July, and we confidently expect to deliver them on that date," Adams said at the press conference. "All the advice we've been given is that that can go ahead."

Concern for the Tokyo Olympics originally began swirling when IOC official Dick Pound said that a decision on whether the games would take place could be made as late as May. While he wasn't alarmist in his explanation, the bluntness of his response -- which included an explanation of the Olympics' worst-case scenario insurance policy and a refutation of possible alternatives to the event to make them less susceptible to coronavirus -- certainly raised a few eyebrows.

As it stands, however, Adams's response appears to be a more firm version of Pound's. Adams said in no uncertain terms that the games were still on, while Pound told athletes to continue to train as if the games were happening.

The respiratory illness known as the coronavirus has infected more than 92,000 people spread out among 71 countries. It has killed over 3,100 people, with most coming from China, where the virus originated in the city of Wuhan. The CDC reported Tuesday that 60 cases of the disease have been found in the U.S., with six confirmed deaths.