The 2020 XFL season gets underway this weekend, meaning you won't have to go more than a week after the Super Bowl without getting some more professional football.

Revived after a near-20-year hiatus, the XFL features eight new franchises, all of whom will take the field between Saturday and Sunday to kick off a 10-week regular season.

Who's projected to be good? Who's projected to stink up the resurrected league? It's mostly guesswork at this point, considering no one has actually seen any of these teams play a single football game, but that hasn't stopped oddsmakers from projecting the 2020 XFL teams from first to worst. Caesars Entertainment has already set odds for this year's regular-season win totals, deeming the Marc Trestman-led Tampa Bay Vipers the clear-cut favorite and predicting no more than three wins for both the Seattle Dragons and St. Louis BattleHawks.

Here are the full projected win totals for the inaugural 10-game regular season, from Caesars:

Tampa Bay Vipers: 7.5
Over 7.5 (-125)
Under 7.5 (-105)

Dallas Renegades: 6
Over 6 (-115)
Under 6 (-115)

Houston Roughnecks: 6
Over 6 (-115)
Under 6 (-115)

DC Defenders: 5.5
Over 5.5 (-120)
Under 5.5 (-110)

Los Angeles Wildcats: 4
Over 4 (-125)
Under 4 (-105)

New York Guardians: 4
Over 4 (-115)
Under 4 (-115)

Seattle Dragons: 3.5
Over 3.5 (-105)
Under 3.5 (-125)

St. Louis BattleHawks: 3.5
Over 3.5 (-115)
Under 3.5 (-115)