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Internationally renowned DJ and producer Diplo is taking the plunge into combat sports. Triller Fight Club is set to announce on Saturday that he will make his debut in less than a couple months not as a promoter, nor as a ringside DJ, but rather an actual fighter.

On June 5, Diplo will lace up boxing gloves for a match against an opponent that has not yet been determined. 

"He came to us and said he really wants to fight," Triller majority owner Ryan Kavanaugh told Rolling Stone. "We have a good relationship with him and we said, 'Why don't you come to this event and play a little and then call out an opponent for the next event?' Hopefully that opponent answers back. It was pretty much that simple."

The official announcement will come out on Saturday during a Triller Fight Club event in Atlanta where the headline fight is YouTube personality Jake Paul fighting former MMA champion Ben Askren.

Triller notably inserted itself in the boxing world last November when it held an event that featured Mike Tyson fighting Roy Jones Jr in the main event. It also included a bout between Paul and former NBA Slam Dunk Champion Nate Robinson, the result of which led to an outbreak of jokes at the expense of the former Knicks player.

But back to Diplo. His match is set to be a four-round fight that comes from a genuine passion for the sport. At least that's what the people promoting this kind of thing are saying.

"Diplo has been training in boxing," Triller's Chief Boxing Officer Peter Kahn said to Rolling Stone. "He wants to fight. He has a worldwide fan base. It's massive. It spans 100-plus countries, at least. And he wants to fight. I won't do anything that's not competitive, but competitive is a relative term. I'm not looking for someone that's going to come in and overpower him, but I'm also not looking for someone that's going to come in and underwhelm. I have to assess his skillset."

Whether any sort of bout against a 42-year-old artist-turned-boxer can be entertaining remains to be seen, and it'll be up to Triller, an app that helps people make lip-synching videos, to figure out how to make it happen.