Cam Newton is days away from starting his seventh NFL season, and he's two years removed from winning the NFL MVP award. Even so, he still doesn't mind getting a dig in at Georgia once in a while, particularly when he can do so to give a teammate grief.

Newton talked to this week after his younger brother, Caylin Newton, helped lead Howard to the biggest upset in college football history -- at least according to point spreads. Caylin Newton's team was a 45-point underdog to UNLV last week, but thanks to Caylin's 140 yards passing, 190 yards rushing and three total touchdowns, his team pulled off the 43-40 win.

"I was teasing [Carolina Panthers linebacker and former Georgia star] Thomas [Davis]," Newton told "I said, 'Man, listen: Georgia needs a winner, and every Newton I know is a winner. You dig what I'm saying?' So they missed out on yet another one."

Both Cam Newton and Caylin Newton are from Atlanta and played their high school football in the area. Cam went to Florida out of high school before winding up at Auburn and winning a national title as well as the Heisman in 2010. So, you know, he played "around" Georgia at two of its biggest rivals. Of course, Cam also says he understands why Georgia wasn't interested in his brother. Cam might be 6-feet-5 and 245 pounds, but Caylin is listed at 5-11 and 195 pounds. 

So while winning runs in the family, size might vary.