Want to get your hands on a game-worn jersey that once belonged to the 44th President of the United States? Well, get ready to shell out a pretty penny. 

Barack Obama's high school basketball jersey hit the auction block this summer with the bidding starting at $25,000. That jersey finally sold this weekend in Dallas, and it went for nearly five times the starting price. An unidentified collector ponied up $120,000 to take home Obama's threads.

The jersey from Punahou School -- a prep school in Honalulu -- was put up for auction by a classmate of Obama's. Peter Noble, who was three years behind Obama at the school, said he only grabbed the jersey because otherwise it was going to be thrown away. 

That decision turned out to be a smart and lucrative one. Rather than let the jersey sit in his closet -- occasionally coming out simply to be shown off to friends -- Noble elected to sell it off and allow it to flourish somewhere else. He says a portion of the sale will be donated to the school as well. 

It hasn't been proven without a doubt that the jersey belonged to Obama but the President wore No. 23 while playing for the school, which won the 1979 state championship with him as a guard on the roster. The auction house, Heritage Auctions, verified that the jersey's details matched the uniform that Obama wore as a teenager. 

The jersey doesn't come without a few imperfections. The details of the listing indicate that there's some minor blood stains and a patched repair at lower front left of the jersey. 

Those imperfections clearly didn't hurt the price of the collector's item -- in fact, it's more likely that they helped. After all, every imperfection brings a story, and stories involving a former president are worth quite a bit.