The Little League World Series is all about the kids, and not necessarily the ones playing. Alfred "Big Al" Delia, who rocketed to internet stardom after saying that he got his nickname because he hits "dingers," made an appearance at the Little League Classic between the Mets and the Phillies at Williamsport on Sunday night. While the Mets won -- presumably due to home field advantage -- the night belonged to Little League shenanigans. No one captures the essence of those shenanigans better than Big Al.

The New Jersey native may not be playing this year, but he's a star.

Jose Bautista even invited Delia to Citi Field to take batting practice, a promise that Delia clearly intends to hold Bautista to.

Luckily for the Mets, Delia was also giving lessons. Watch out for Daniel Zamora.

Delia also took the Mets into a huddle, telling them "hit some taters tonight," because he's the best.

It takes a real man to rock a puka shell necklace in 2018. Whoever got one of those autographed "I hit dingers" baseballs had better hold on to them. They're going to be worth more than half of these players' contracts when Delia hits his 80th home run -- in his rookie season.