It seems like every year, some kid in the Little League World Series manages to win the adoration of the entire baseball world. This year, that kid emerged before the tournament even started. New Jersey's Middletown fielded a kid named Alfred Delia, but you might know him as Big Al. And what does Big Al do? Big Al hits dingers.

Middletown lost to eventual Mid-Atlantic winners Mid-Island out of Staten Island (that's a lot of Mids), but the quote (which came from a promo clip for the Mid-Atlantic Regional Tournament) is forever. He appeared on an episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live," and his interview was pretty much exactly what you'd expect.

Delia gave the interview from Cooperstown, New York -- home of the Baseball Hall of Fame, which is  where he belongs. The incoming seventh grader was modest about his newfound fame. "I really did not think this was gonna actually go viral," he told Kimmel. He added that he came up with the line on his own and didn't run it by anyone beforehand. Then he explained the origin story of "Big Al."

"...My grandpa was Big Al, my dad was Little Al, and now I'm Big Al," he said.

According to Delia, some of his other nicknames include "Cookie, Pants, Bubba, Boomer" and, probably the best one, "Fredo Sauce."

It's a shame we won't see more of Big Al in the coming weeks on the diamond, but he's already a pro's pro when it comes to introductions. And honestly, isn't that half the battle?

The Little League World Series begins on Thursday. May Big Al bless all 16 teams competing.