The Milwaukee Brewers' classic glove logo is a masterpiece, and it should have never been replaced. There's a reason when you see Brewers gear in public, it's the old baseball glove logo. However, as SNY reporter Steve Gelbs pointed out on Twitter, the logo is even better than a lot of people realize. As Gelbs notes, there is an "M" and a "B" -- the Brewers' initials -- blended into the logo.

The great thing about this tweet is that it's presented like something that's common knowledge by now, but it couldn't be more obvious that Gelbs knows full well that he's about to blow everyone's mind.

He wasn't wrong.

Other people noticed before Gelbs pointed it out, it just took a little while.

Then, of course, there's what may have been the best response in the thread. One poor fan that completely missed the forest for the trees.

A couple of weeks ago, a user shared a photo of a breakdown of the Expos' logo, which is more complex than you probably could have guessed. The Brewers thread is just carrying on that trend. 

The thread eventually became a place for people to post little logo quirks, but it did raise another very important question: Why did the Brewers have to get rid of the glove?