Dioner Navarro last played in the majors with the 2016 Toronto Blue Jays. He didn't so much as sign a contract with anyone last year. There's apparently a good reason for that.

Although the obvious answer would be that the 33-year-old Navarro decided to hang up his cleats, the actual one is that he stepped away from the game to take care of his ailing wife Sherley, whom he married when both were teenagers.

Barry Davis, host of the Outta the Park podcast, wrote more about the topic Tuesday:

Just over a year ago, Shirley [sic] suffered a severe stroke and fell into a coma for several months. Once again, Doctors delivered the grave news to Dioner that his wife wasn't likely to make it. In fact, they recommended taking her off life support. In conversation this past May, Dioner told me that there was zero chance he was going to take that advice from the medical staff. On this week's episode he added that upon hearing the prognosis, he closed his eyes, and though he was surrounded by family, he felt a silence and a certainty that she would pull through. He just "felt it". Miraculously, once again Shirley [sic] did what the "experts" said would never happen. Dioner was by her side when she regained consciousness and opened her eyes.

Davis reports that Sherley cannot walk or talk, and her movement is limited to raising one arm. Doctors have warned Navarro that she's unlikely to improve beyond her current state. Yet Navarro continues to hold out hope, all the while serving as her caregiver and raising their family.

Navarro is said to be open to returning to baseball to resume his career, yet it's unclear how likely he is to receive (or take) that opportunity. Here's hoping there are better times ahead for Navarro, Sherley, and the rest of their family.