Red Sox warrior-poet and or philosopher-king David Ortiz is of course in midst of his final season -- a very excellent season, it should be noted. Big Papi has been feted around the league throughout 2016, and that will continue to be the case until he plays his final game.

Whatever trinkets, mementos, curios, and bric-a-brac that have been and shall be bestowed upon him, though, none figures to top this ...


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Suckas, awake: For that is a Big Papi made out of LEGOs! Implied above? Artistry, architecture, and unimaginable tedium.

As CBS Boston notes, the 6-foot-7 LEGO statue of Ortiz will be unveiled on Wednesday at Fenway Park. Contained therein are almost 35,000 LEGO bricks and almost 300 hours of work. To get an idea of what went into the making of Plastic Papi, here's a helpful time-lapse video from mission control ...

Excelsior! Fine work, all around. As someone who's almost taken a hostage out of frustration while assembling a four-inch LEGO X-wing starfighter, I could not be more impressed by the toil involved in this.

Now go forth and tell your children that all ballplayers are made of LEGOs.