It's going to be a rough few years for Oakland sports. The Golden State Warriors are leaving Oracle Arena for the Chase Center in San Francisco across the bay in 2019, while the Oakland Raiders will be heading to Las Vegas. The Oakland Athletics have released a plan for a new stadium to replace the dilapidated Oakland Coliseum, but there's still a lot of red tape to cross.

Marshawn Lynch, who was born in California and now plays for the Raiders, wants to make sure that someone stays in Oakland. At an Oakland city council meeting on Wednesday, Lynch said that Oakland should do whatever it can to at least keep the A's around.

"We're losing the Warriors," he said. "We're losing the Raiders. Best not lose the A's. Appreciate it."

Lynch is a man of few words and fewer public appearances, so him deeming this worth speaking for is notable. For Oakland residents, the move of the Warriors feels like a betrayal -- even though San Francisco is a hop and a skip away, there's a lot of bad blood between the two cities, not to mention the risk of longtime fans being priced out.  As for the Raiders, they're being sued for the city for violating their lease and planning to play in Vegas for 2020.

The Athletics are coming off a playoff season, but the Coliseum just isn't cutting it. To keep the A's in Oakland, a new park is the first step. If that gets approved, Lynch may end up getting his wish and keeping a team in Oakland. The good news is that the new plan for a stadium appears to be privately financed, which is always a big hurdle with these arenas.