The five-year, $110 million contract that DH J.D. Martinez signed with the Red Sox prior to the 2018 season includes an opt-out after the current season, and that means Martinez soon has a decision to make. 

Not surprisingly, it sounds like he going to remain in Boston: 

In his first two seasons in Boston, Martinez produced at a high level -- .317/.392/.593 (156 OPS+) with 79 home runs and 70 doubles in 296 games. In the abbreviated 2020 campaign, however, he's struggled. Through 51 games this season, Martinez, now age 33, has batted just .217/.293/.389 with six home runs. This doesn't mean he's for certain in his deep decline phase. However, the market will not be hot for a bat-only player who didn't produce in his most recent season. Given that Martinez still has almost $40 million left on his contract, this should be a fairly easy decision. 

Martinez also had an opt-out coming into this season, which he declined to use. At that point, he was coming off a strong 2019 season in which he hit 36 home runs. To pass on that opt-out while using his upcoming one would be quite a shocking development. 

In that sense, there's nothing surprising here, but for Martinez to acknowledge the likely decision is notable. No doubt helping that decision along is that Boston figures to be much better positioned to compete in 2021