Twins shortstop prospect Royce Lewis is a consensus top-10 overall prospect because of his ability to put up big numbers at the plate while manning a key position afield. This season, the 19-year-old Lewis -- the top overall pick of the 2017 draft -- is playing at the High-A level. Recently, Lewis smacked a double against Bradenton and after arriving at second base undertook a round calisthenics. 

At this point, we have a forking path of theories. Did Lewis do pushups at second base in righteous celebration of his two-bagger? Or did he do pushups as corporal punishment for not doing even more with a middle-middle fastball? Whatever the case, the opponents appeared to be displeased. Here's the entire saga in pleasing state-of-the-art technicolor: 

All right. Lewis heard some boos, and in his next trip to the plate, pitcher Gavin Wallace threw behind him, presumably with some intent. So that's where we are? We're throwing at dudes who drop and do a couple of pushups following a double? I'm always inclined to stay out of these things and let the players sort out such matters, but maybe we're going a little overboard in the patrolling of baseball exuberance. Instead, why not some retaliatory burpees the next time Lewis strikes out?

Whatever the case, it appears the unwritten rules address the performance of pushups by the batsman. It took us this long to find out, and for that we have Royce Lewis to thank.