Angels designated hitter Albert Pujols is only one home run away from joining a very exclusive club. This shot on Tuesday night was the 599th in his illustrious career: 

That was pretty vintage. The beautiful swing through the zone so swiftly, the quick stand-and-look and the no-doubter into the seats. 

So Pujols is already a surefire Hall of Famer and the 500 Club is still probably more noteworthy, but only these eight players have ever hit 600 home runs in their careers: 

Barry Bonds, 762
Hank Aaron, 755
Babe Ruth, 714
Alex Rodriguez, 696
Willie Mays, 660
Ken Griffey Jr., 630
Jim Thome, 612
Sammy Sosa, 609

Pujols is right on the doorstep and will surely join the club any day now.