Nicaragua native Roniel Raudes is a well-regarded right-hander in the Red Sox's system. The 20-year-old, after signing in July of 2014, has pitched to a 3.77 ERA and 3.66 K/BB ratio across parts of three minor-league seasons, and last year he reached the high Class-A Carolina League. 

This spring he's getting a look in Red Sox camp, and that's afforded the wider world a look at his pre-pitch ritual from the stretch. Please enjoy ... 

For fitting emphasis, let's enjoy that again, this time in a space-age GIF composition ... 



You see some pretty cool individual signatures when pitchers work from the stretch. The great Wade Davis, for instance, looks not unlike a velociraptor with nothing left to lose when he contorts himself to check the runner at first. Raudes, though, achieves another level with what we'll call "Swordplay at the Squat Rack." 

In case you suspected Mr. Raudes of concocting this flourish just for the wide stage of the Grapefruit League, know that he's been at this since at least 2016. Check out the 0:24 mark of this scouting video from two seasons ago ... 

Roniel Raudes, don't let them change you. Don't let the forces of somber acquiescence clip thine shimmering wings. 

And the people say: Swordplay at the Squat Rack forever.

(Wink of CBS eye: Cut4)