The state motto of Florida is not but probably should be, "The fount of bad ideas." To go to Florida is necessarily a mistake, and once that foundational mistake is made, successive mistakes flow like water in a fish tank. 

Speaking of which, the Marlins, presumably with malice aforethought, put a fish tank behind home plate at Marlins Park. Now watch on with the opposite of astonishment as a foul hit baseball off the cudgel of J.T. Realmuto perpetrates a home invasion ... 

Talk all you want about what's probably some sort of space-age, composite plexi-walled tank, but what you see above is as grimly inevitable as the passage of time. If you put a fish tank where well-struck baseballs roam, it's going to get wrecked. 

Up at the Trop in St. Pete, they put rays -- putatively the beloved franchise totem -- within treacherous reach of the cloutsman. In Miami, it's the fish who suffer from the Marlins' desire to make the field of play feel like an orthodontist's waiting room. 

People, the seas rise for many reasons, and one of those reasons is a desire for bloody recompense. As you scramble for higher ground, spare a curse for the Marlins.