NEW YORK -- Friday night, the Yankees threw Alex Rodriguez the most appropriately awkward farewell ceremony possible.

After showing a montage of his career highlights on the center field scoreboard, the Yankees brought A-Rod out onto the field and presented him with several gifts, including a base signed by all his teammates. Former teammate Mariano Rivera escorted Rodriguez's daughters out onto the field. It was sweet.

The Yankees honored A-Rod and his family ... in the rain. USATSI

There was one small problem though: the skies opened up in the middle of the ceremony. It literally rained on A-Rod's parade. Rodriguez, his family, and members of the Steinbrenner family stood on the field in the rain to complete the ceremony.

Here's the video:

I swear, that could only happen to Alex Rodriguez. The timing was impeccable for maximum awkwardness. Uncanny.

The Yankees had good intentions, and I'm sure it would have been a great ceremony under normal weather, but it poured, and A-Rod & Co. were walking back to the dugout before the public address announcer finished talking.

What, you didn't think A-Rod's final game would go according to plan, did you?