Twitter wagers are never a good idea unless you're prepared to follow through.

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace had legend Richard Petty come up and autograph his arm at a recent race. After being signed by "The King," Wallace tweeted that he'd get Petty's signature tattooed on his body if the tweet was retweeted 43,000 times.

The tweet met the threshold, and after initially attempting to back out, Wallace made good on his promise and tweeted a video of himself getting the tattoo on Monday.

Wallace currently drives the No. 43 Chevrolet for Richard Petty Motorsports in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, so it's highly likely that Petty wouldn't want one of his driver going back on a bet, especially since the NASCAR legend himself was involved.

Wallace said that the Twitter bet was 43,000 retweets in a 24-hour period, but he stated that with just an hour remaining on the 24-hour clock. However, after being ribbed by fans and former NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr, Wallace decided make good on the wager and contact a tattoo artist.

Petty was apparently getting a good chuckle out of Wallace's predicament. In addition, he did reveal that he doesn't plan on getting a tattoo of Wallace's signature.

It's certainly good to see that Wallace is a man of his word because if he wasn't, the social media world wasn't going to let him forget it.