The first 30 minutes or so of Game 1 went pretty well for the Thunder, as they were down just five points in the middle of the third quarter. But things fell off the rails shortly after that, as the Rockets began to pull away, extending their lead to 15 points at the end of the third frame. Once the final buzzer sounded, the Rockets had claimed a 31-point victory, 118-87. 

Not much of note happened in the fourth quarter, as the Rockets ran away with things, but there was one pretty interesting moment, and it came with 7:39 left in the game, after Houston ran a pick-and-roll to perfection, leading to a Clint Capela alley-oop. Patrick Beverley and Capela completely exploited Enes Kanter on the play, as the Thunder big man got stuck in no man's land, failing to stop Beverley's penetration, while also failing to prevent a pass to the roll man, Capela.  

Afterward, the camera happened to zoom in on Thunder coach Billy Donovan, and just as it did, he appeared to tell assistant coach Mo Cheeks he "can't play Kanter."

Well, that's awkward. 

That is, if that's actually what Donovan said. It certainly looks like it, and the action on the court immediately prior, in which Kanter got burned on the pick-and-roll, gives us come good context clues, but without being able to hear him, it's impossible to know if that's definitely what Donovan said. 

Regardless, it's certainly no secret that Kanter struggles on the defensive end, and so did the Thunder as a team Sunday night.