After taking a few days to review the tape, the NBA has handed out the punishments for the fracas between the Golden State Warriors and Washington Wizards on Friday night.

Draymond Green was the only Warriors player dinged by the league. He was fined $25,000, an amount that left his coach, Steve Kerr, confused. "I don't know how you get fined 25 grand for getting attacked," Kerr told reporters Sunday ahead of his team's matchup with the Detroit Pistons

Kerr's full comments:

A little confused. I don't know how you get fined 25 grand for getting attacked. So I don't know. Seemed like maybe there's some prior reputation involved. I haven't really talked to the league, I haven't talked to Bob [Myers], I just saw the news myself. There's some curious stuff in there. It looked to me like Oubre came out there running into the crowd, caused a lot more ...

Draymond was the one who was attacked in the first place. Seemed like maybe those fines could have been reversed, but it's not my job, fortunately.

The incident on Friday night began with Bradley Beal hitting Green in the face during a box-out situation. Green then wrapped up Beal in what seemed like an attempt to both stick up for himself, and prevent any further swings by the Wizard. From there, the two got tangled up and eventually fell into the first row of the crowd.

While Beal was certainly the instigator, and Green really didn't do much, the league didn't have much of a choice but to fine Green for the incident. He was involved in a somewhat physical confrontation that spilled into the crowd, and any time that happens, fines are coming. 

As for his point about Oubre Jr. being fined less than Green, Kerr is absolutely correct that that decision doesn't make much sense. Even if they weren't the most powerful punches, the Wizards forward seemed to go into the scrum swinging, while Green did nothing more than wrap Beal up.