LeBron James says he doesn't want the Cleveland Cavaliers to trade Kevin Love for Carmelo Anthony, but it's becoming abundantly clear that Phil Jackson and the New York Knicks would like to trade their star forward. There have been numerous reports that they are trying to find a willing trade partner, as teams like the Cavs, Clippers and Celtics have all been rumored to have interest. Anthony, however, doesn't plan on waiving his no-trade clause. In that context comes a perplexing tweet from Jackson.

Tweeting for the first time since Dec. 27, Jackson referenced Bleacher Report's Kevin Ding's critical column about Anthony's lack of competitive fire, saying that Ding "almost rings the bell."

Michael Graham was a talented college player who had some off-the-court issues and played for Jackson in the now-defunct Continental Basketball Association. The two once "got into it" in the middle of a game and Graham was later cut from the team. Jackson lamented in one of his books about how, no matter how he talked to him, Graham was unreachable.

Jackson is offering a rebuke to Ding's assertion that he thought he could change Anthony, but he isn't exactly disputing Ding's characterization of Anthony. It is rather strange for an executive to tweet about a column that essentially argues his star player lacks a strong desire to win and not completely condemn it.

This brings an obvious question: If Jackson didn't truly believe Anthony would help New York win, why did he re-sign him in 2014 to a five-year near max deal with a no-trade clause? This tweet is also odd because you would think the last thing Jackson would want is to lower Anthony's trade value and hurt his own leverage in potential trade talks.

Of course, the other side of this is that Jackson could be hoping to influence Anthony to waive his no-trade clause by needling him on social media. Jackson's tenure as the Knicks team president remains a conundrum.