During the Golden State Warriors' media day on Friday, Stephen Curry made it clear that he had no interest in going to the White House in honor of the team's championship, but noted that the team would discuss the opportunity, and make a final decision together. 

However, just about 12 hours later, President Trump made the decision for them, tweeting that Curry was no longer invited. That set off a firestorm of tweets from players around the league, with LeBron James leading the charge by calling Trump a "bum."

Soon after, Kobe Bryant got involved, calling out Trump for inspiring "dissension and hatred," and saying that he "can't possibly 'Make America Great Again.'"

Given Trump's demeanor and willingness to publicly attack people when he's upset, and NBA players' increasing boldness in calling him out when they don't agree with his actions, there very well could be more to this storyline in the coming days and weeks.