If there was ever a play that perfectly encapsulated the absolute beatdown the Raptors hit the Wizards with on Friday, it's this shot from point guard Kyle Lowry.

About midway through the second quarter, Lowry tried to use a screen from Serge Ibaka to free up some space from his defender. But Gary Payton II was able to fight his way past the big man and get to Lowry anyway. Being the crafty veteran that he is, the Toronto guard tried to initiate contact while also throwing up a three-ball. While the shot looked more desperate than most prayers from deep, it miraculously found its way to the bottom of the net.

To say that things only got worse for the Washington from there would be giving the team too much credit. The Wizards were so bad that it seemed to energize the Raptors in the same way the Monstars became wildly overpowered after stealing the talent of NBA players in "Space Jam."

As the Wizards turned the ball over a season-high 28 times, the Raptors shot 51.2% from three as a team. While supposed All-Star Bradley Beal clanked more and more shots, a 34-year-old Marc Gasol dropped 20 points six-of-seven shooting from three.

Even worse for the Wizards is that this 140-111 loss could not come at a more uncomfortable time in the season. The team is just one game removed from a 115-106 loss in Chicago that prompted Beal to make some concerning comments after the game. 

"I don't like losing, I'm sorry," Beal said. "Especially winnable games... I don't like losing so it's going to keep blowing up for me... Until we start winning and changing our culture."

Words like that often indicate that a player's tenure with a team isn't going to last much longer, though when a talent like Beal is on a team that's on pace for 26 wins this season, it's easy to understand why. The Wizards' next chance to get closer to that magic 26 will be on Monday against the Pistons.