Draymond Green has long been one of the more vocal players in the NBA. He's an arrogant trash-talker who, at this point in his career, can basically back up every word he spews on and off the floor.

He also happens to be as close to a real-life villain as Utah Jazz fans have seen since Michael Jordan.

During Game 3 against Utah, Green responded to heckling from Jazz fans by assuming his position on the bench and reminding them their team was down 2-0 in the series by facing the crowd and taunting them right back. He played right into their hands before receiving a technical foul. This was after he'd already dogged on the nightlife in Salt Lake City and admitted he was pulling for the Clippers in the first round.

After the Warriors Game 4 win, Green again embraced his villain role to the fullest by putting his John Hancock on the poster of a Jazz fan who was apparently tracking his flop count.

Six flops in one game? That might be a new record for Green, who gave Jazz fans a good laugh after the Warriors win.

In the end, though, Green has the last laugh. Tracking flops is quite the troll move, but Green and the Warriors made easy work of the Jazz in their second consecutive series sweep and now head to the Western Conference finals to face the winner of the Houston-San Antonio series.