You'd think all of Los Angeles would embrace LeBron James, but when a mural depicting the NBA legend as "The King of L.A." hit the side of a restaurant in Venice, Calif., earlier this month, the artwork lasted less than a week before being vandalized, then removed.

Some Lakers fans apparently took umbrage with the mural's instant crowning of James as an L.A. legend and decided that trashing a beautiful piece of painting was the best way to get their point across. First came a couple graffiti phrases like "No King" and "3-6," LeBron's career record in the NBA Finals, as well as "LeFraud" and "We don't want you" (oh really?). After a repainting, then came another graffiti mark that prompted one of the artists to remove it altogether.

A week later, there's already a separate LeBron James mural drawing eyes on Melrose Avenue in L.A.

But something says this one won't rub as many Lakers fans the wrong way. This time, we've got LeBron in his Lakers No. 23 looking up at a collection of established L.A. legends: Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Wilt Chamberlain. Kobe and Shaq are seen atop or inside Staples Center, trophies in hand, while Magic, Kareem and Wilt are displayed inside of the Lakers' old home, The Forum.

Let's hope the graffiti stays at home this time.